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If “Freedom isn’t free” how can free trade be free?

Note on FDR’s quote

Have any of you been to a baseball game where there were no rules? Of course, not. How would you know who won the game or even if someone scored? Have any of you been to a baseball game without an Umpire? If you have, you would know what a mess it is!

The market works in the same manner, if it is total “Laissez faire” (unregulated) it can’t be fair. There is an invisible hand “fixing” the game for 99% of us to lose and we’re set up to fail. Economic laws are not divine laws, they’re merely tools to be applied for a more just and beneficial society for all. People often feels hopeless and powerless thinking that economy is something for Wall Street, not Main Street however this can and has to change. “We The People” need to realize that we can control the market and refocus our priorities: People before Profit!

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